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Vipology Debuts Two Innovative Digital Products at the NAB Radio Show That Ignite Radio Station Sales and Websites

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Vipology AI (Audience Intelligence), a Revolutionary New Digital “Secret Weapon” for Radio Sales Teams, Provides Real Time Consumer Behavioral Data to Generate Sales Leads and Support Targeted Multi-Platform Campaigns

Virtuoso by Vipology’s Cloud Hosted Service Delivers A New Modern and Mobile Web Experience for Stations and Their Audiences, With SIzzling New Content, Features, and Functionality


LOS ANGELES, CA, SEPTEMBER 22, 2016 – Vipology, Inc., home of the best station websites, fresh daily content, killer loyalty and sexy mobile apps, today introduced two innovative new digital products for radio stations at the NAB Radio Show in Nashville. The first newly-launched product, Vipology AI (Audience Intelligence), is a digital solution that allows stations in any market size to gather critical behavioral research that supports local sales campaigns with real time consumer data that unlocks preferences, buying habits, and more and is designed to generate sales leads and support targeted multi-platform campaigns. Vipology AI helps radio stations do what they do best – sell premium targeted spots, and more of them. Programmers can also leverage Vipology AI to unlock TSL secrets, discover listener preferences, and engage with potential ratings respondents in ways that have always been out of reach.

Chuck Wood, Market Manager of Delta Media in Lafayette, LA, said: “Using Vipology AI gave us incredible insights in the restaurant space, telling us what consumers want, when they want it, and how they make that dining decision. It’s already made a difference in getting appointments and closing the sale.”

Concurrently today, Vipology launched the ‘next generation’ of sexier, faster and more engaging broadcasting websites, Virtuoso by Vipology, a modern and mobile web experience for stations and their audiences with a cloud hosting service designed for the needs of high traffic and high profile broadcasters. Virtuoso by Vipology is a custom WP platform that contains advanced digital features, and is backed by 100% uptime and availability. Virtuoso deploys the most optimized security, redundancy, DDoS Protection, and software management systems, making it the most secure CMS of its kind, with unlimited storage space and bandwidth for optimal speed and performance. Virtuoso also offers true enterprise publishing to include media and content management, and is built upon the same global cloud network as Netflix, Adobe, Dow Jones, Spotify, Airbnb, Major League Baseball, NASDAQ, and NASA/JPL. Virtuoso provides a sexy, fun and rich experience for audiences and is easy for station staff to administer regardless of market size or resources. Importantly, it is reasonably priced for the discerning broadcaster.

Chris Peaslee, Chief Executive Officer, Vipology, Inc. said: “The entire team here is excited to be able to bring the next generation of websites to local radio.”

Brian Parsons, Chief Technology Officer, Vipology, Inc. said: “We’re proud to empower local stations and groups alike with enterprise level content management and audience intelligence to effectively compete with all of the emerging digital pure plays. Using Virtuoso by Vipology and AI together yields new insights that directly power local sales, arming them with critical data about their audience.”

For more information and to get Vipology AI (Audience Intelligence) and Virtuoso by Vipology in your market for cash or barter, visit: about.vipology.com or contact Michael Kay at Vipology, Inc. at michael@vipology.com or (888) 966-1VIP (1847).

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