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Vipology Launches Branded Radio Station Mobile App With Nab Radio Show Special

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Vipology offers STATIONS ITS new mobile app and station website for $99 THIS WEEK ONLY


LOS ANGELES, CA, September 29, 2015— Vipology, Inc., home of Mobile Apps, $99 Websites and Killer Loyalty, announced today that it has launched its new proprietary branded radio station mobile app for smartphones and other mobile devices. This week only, Vipology offers stations an NAB Radio Show Combo Special for only $99, which includes its new branded station mobile app, paired with a high quality, content-rich station website. Vipology’s new mobile app delivers a budget-friendly solution for radio stations to engage audiences and build their brands through their own easy-use branded station app that enables listeners to access on-demand content, broadcast streams and social streams. Vipology’s fully customized mobile app connects stations with listeners and engages them like never before, wherever they are. The app’s seamless content management system puts stations in control of their content, their brand and their app.

Vipology websites are mobile responsive and are known for their clean, contemporary look and feel, speed and ease of use, and powerful email engine. They also feature automated feeds of format-specific content and fresh news every day to keep station sites vibrant, topical, relevant and engaging. The content includes: Music news, Hollywood reports, Sports reports, eye-catching photos, and more. In addition, Vipology websites include initial “log in” ads and peel ads, and allow stations to quickly change backgrounds and easily manage banner ads, photos, and videos. Standard website features include: site search, listener comments on local pages, personality blogs, and more.

For more information about Vipology’s mobile apps and websites and to sign up for the NAB Radio Show special of just $99 for a station website and branded mobile app, visit: http://about.vipology.com or contact Michael Kay, CRO, Vipology, Inc. at: 888-966-1VIP | michael@vipology.com

Chris Peaslee, Chief Executive Officer for Vipology, Inc. said: “I’m so proud of our team. They have delivered a clean, easy-to-use mobile app that achieves Radio’s promise to the listeners. Stations have the control to deliver content and promotions with a user-friendly toolset.”

Brian Parsons, Chief Technology Officer for Vipology, Inc. said: “To succeed as a media brand, stations need apps just as much as they need web sites, but branded apps can be especially expensive, leaving smaller stations out. Adding an app with the web site service and powering the app content through the web site makes it easy and affordable.”

Broadcasters are invited to join the Vipology team at an informational session for broadcasters at the NAB Radio Show on Thursday, October 1, at 1:30 p.m. and again at 2:00 p.m. in Room M101 of the Atlanta Marriott. Grab a beer or a glass of wine and tap into Vipology’s exclusive show price of only $99 for a client exclusive Mobile App + Website. Vipology is raffling off a free station Mobile App + Website FOR LIFE, in addition to a Parrot Bebop Drone and other cool prizes from Apple, Samsung, and Amazon.  For more information and to register online, email: win@vipology.com.

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